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The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) Association is a member of the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE Travel Confederation), a not-for-profit organisation which brings together world-leading specialists in student and youth travel services.

What card products are available from the ISIC Association?

  • The International Student Identity Card
  • The International Teacher Identity Card
  • The International Youth Travel Card

Over 5 million of these cards are sold every year.

The ISIC card remains the only internationally accepted proof of full-time student status. It is endorsed by organisations such as UNESCO, the European Council on Culture and the Andean Community of Nations. The card is recognised by universities, academic institutions, student organisations, national governments and ministries of education and over 40,000 Benefit Providers around the world.

Who uses the ISIC card?
The ISIC card is used by over 4.5 million full-time students in 120 countries every year. It gives students access to tens of thousands of student services and benefits worldwide.

Available Packages