Golden Gate Travel & Tourism Co. has always been committed to investing in the development of our services and products to ensure giving the best service to our clients. One of the investments made by the Management of GGTT is the Corporate Sales Department. By assigning Sales People who are able to deliver a total Corporate travel and Management Solution, by utilizing services of GGTT Group in a very unique approach. We focus on the twin objectives of service and saving. As we understand your travel policy and needs, we package a combination of services that specifically addresses your needs. A dedicated Travel Specialist to handle your account along with an Account Manager.

Corporate Travel Management Services:

  • Flight Reservation & Ticketing Services on all Air Lines.
  • Worldwide Hotel Reservation.
  • Events Management.
  • Land Transfers and Meet & Assist.
  • Car Rental
  • Local Hotel accommodation / Corporate Deals with Hotels.
  • Travel Documents Delivery.
  • Frequent Flyers & Loyalty Programs with Hotels.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • Charter Flights Arrangements.
  • Local Tours and Leisure Packages.
  • Handling Claims & Complaints.
  • Corporate Client Personnel Training (Travel Arranger).
  • Passport and Visa Advice for Business Travelers.
  • Dedicating Travel Consultants for Corporate Clients Accounts.
  • Implant Services at Site.
  • Credit Facilities.
  • Technology Solutions.
  • Access to View and Check Flights and Seats Availability.
    By giving you access to viewing and checking flights availability from your own PC, this process ensures that your travel consultant is free to spend more time delivering high quality customer service and less time performing manual communication processes.
    To find out how this can work for you, you can contact your Account Manager.

Online Profile Management:

This tool will help on upon making any reservation it will allow your travel consultant and your account manager to control and have the flexibility to place travelers names and preferable data related to travel, payment fields, your travel policies and charges and any other relevant data at any time of the bookings.
To find out how this can work for you, you can contact your Account Manager.

Online Checking Your flight itinerary:

This tool "check your trip" allows you to view your travel itinerary made by your Travel Consultant. Giving you access to your itinerary anywhere and anytime.

Company & Client Profile:

GGTT online profile management solution link lets us serve our traveler more effectively. This unique, Internet-based application allows corporate travel managers to serve group and individual profiles your set Travel Policies & Service Charges offered and agreed on.Travel Managers & Consultants can now define exactly how their corporation's profile will appear in the Global Distribution System (GDS - Reservation System). By filling this link, the information inserted will guide us in offering the personal and efficient service expected from us by identifying your preferable data related to your travel needs which will be uploaded automatically in your travel reservation record, assuring you that all data will be stored in our back office system and will be held in strict confidence.

Value Added Services

Management Information System (MIS Reports)

MIS is a reporting system which we offer to our corporate clients relying on the client's special requests; it can be customized and systemized either monthly, quarterly or annually and can be by passenger name, class of service or airline used.

Agreement Structures

Agreement structures can vary from traditional commission and rebate, to a management fee, where GGTT passes all commission on to the client, receiving a fee in return for managing the client's travel requirements. Another option is a transaction fee, where the client pays a set charge for each service provided by GGTT whether it is for booking tickets, management consultancy or ancillary facilities such as a 24-hour help line.

Opening a Credit Account

Should you wish to open a CREDIT ACCOUNT with GGTT, please contact our Corporate Sales Department to initiate the procedure. One of our corporate sales team members will visit your office and guide you through the process of opening an account.

Corporate Sales Department

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