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International Student Identity Card (ISIC)

Serious savings for students!

If you are a full-time student and at least 12 years of age, the ISIC is your passport to loads of savings on airfare, accommodation, sightseeing, food, shopping and much more. Over 45,000 discounts available!
Join the 10 million students in 116 countries who are already benefiting from the ISIC card today!

Benefits of the International Student Identification Card
Discounts with retailers like Apple Store, Samsonite, Target.com and many more!
Access to flexible Student Exclusive airfare on many of the world's leading airlines.
Discounted train tickets and rail passes.
International recognition of your full-time student status.
24-hour Help Line emergency service.
Discounts and Specials at hotels and hostels around 
Basic sickness and accident travel insurance for international trips.

The ISIC offers serious savings on stuff like airfares, accommodation, entertainment, museums, food, clothes, movies and more! You can use your card at home or overseas to access over.

41,000 discounts in 120 countries…in fact, the ISIC is endorsed by UNESCO as the only internationally recognized form of student ID!

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Your international student ID

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is a valid student ID in 120 countries. It is endorsed and accepted by ministries, governments, student unions and non governmental organizations such as UNESCO and the Community of Andean Nations, which allows you to prove your student status wherever you are.

Your student lifestyle card

Across the globe the ISIC gives students access to tens of thousands of ISIC benefits, online and offline, in all areas of daily student life: book stores, restaurants, travel, museums, transportation, cinemas...

Your money saver

Every day, the ISIC allows millions of students to save a lot of money in their day-to- day lives; an amazing and almost immediate return on investment.

Your membership in the global student community

4 million students buy an ISIC every year. Show the world you’re part of the growing community of ISIC cardholders who know what they want and where to get it – at preferred rates wherever in the world!

Now all you've got to ask yourself is; can you afford not to have one? Buy one now for 6.500 KD get into a Golden Gate Travel branch to pick up your ISIC card. Buy It Now!!!

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